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Nutec is manufactured without asbestos; the material is a composite of cellulose fiber, cement, silica, and water. So when hearing about nutec everite, you know that it is a reliable, high-quality product.

What are the advantages of everite nutec See:

  • High-performance properties
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Resistance to water and the wind
  • Resistance to hail
  • Fire resistance and resistance to fungi, rodents and acid
  • Support dynamic load
  • Provides security

Roofs made everite nutec also provide environmental benefits, because they have low energy consumption, from manufacturing to transportation and subsequent installation, remember that saving the planet is everyone’s responsibility, and any contribution will always be a great gain.

These products are ideal for interior and exterior spaces and are guaranteed against moisture.

The roof is a crucial element for a house, and a secure roof is part of the safety of your family and ensures that the rest of goods under its roof are in perfect condition.

Investing in quality roofing is investing in the future and safety of your family.

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