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Please note that certain terms and conditions apply, as stipulated at the bottom of the page.

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Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions “The customer” shall mean the person, firm company or authority whose order has been accepted by the company and “the works” shall mean the works to be carried out pursuant to an order by “the company” Visible Improvements (Pty) Ltd

All quotations / estimate made and orders accepted by the company are subject to these terms and conditions

  • Any provision stipulation or condition in the customers conditions of the order or otherwise which conflict with or in any way qualifies or negates any of these terms and conditions shall have no effect and these terms and conditions shall prevail.
  • No variation of these terms and conditions shall be valid unless evidenced in writing under the signature of a director of the company.
  • The client agrees to maintain a safe work area regarding children, pets, elderly etc while the job is in progress.
  • By signing the contract, the client has given permission for all power and water requirements.
  • The final price of quote / contract (as signed by the client) is net and without further deductions.
  • Within reason all efforts will be made by “Visible Improvements” in the time stipulated, taking into account an act of God, War, Strike, Fire, Hail Storms, Tree falling etc that is beyond “Visible Improvements” control.
  • We take no responsibility for damages to vehicles (including any item) parked in the work area, arrangements to be made by the client to remove vehicles prior to work commencement.
  • The guarantee for works carried out only becomes valid when all moneys are fully paid by the client for the above work order.
  • Visible Improvements agrees (within reason) to complete all works as near as possible to the agreed date.
  • All details of work to be performed by ‘Visible Improvements’ are as designed on the work order (over-leaf)
  • “Visible Improvements” reserves the right to cancel this work order due to further inspection by “Visible Improvements” operations manager if he finds the works to be carried out are not in accordance with the requirements to effect a completed.
  • Outstanding accounts which have been sent to a debt collection agency will have commission legal cost added to the original work order price.
  • All or any claims by the customer has to be received in writing by “Visible Improvements” within (7) seven days of receipt of the services provided by “Visible Improvements” or within (7) seven warranted claim being identified beyond which period no claim can be entertained.
  • Work orders that have been signed by client once accepted by “Visible Improvements” can only be cancelled if reasonable compensation is paid for all works and materials supplied by “Visible Improvements” up to the time of receipt of written notice to cease works.
  • Works to be carried out by “Visible Improvements” is deemed to be made / agreed on the confirmation of the order by returning a copy thereof.
  • Works will be carried out in accordance with the original quote / contract where any verbal instructions are given the risk, loss and or expense of any misunderstanding / misinterpretations of such instructions or of any mistake, error or omission will be at the (sole) risk, loss and or expense of the client.
  • “Visible Improvements” liability for of breech of official contract will be contained to general damages and will not exceed the original price of the work agreed upon. “Visible Improvements will not take any responsibility for any further or special damage, or consequential damage that the client, firm or any other company claim under the contract.
  • If the client wishes to suspend / cancel the work or any part thereof the client must notify “Visible Improvements” in writing stipulating the works to be suspended / cancelled and payment of works completed up to that date to be paid to “Visible Improvements” forthwith.
  • If the quote / contract is agreed upon after (14) fourteen days (or more) from that original date of quote the acceptance is subject to a re-confirmation of the original quote price by “Visible Improvements” re-confirmation, therefore, will be on the terms agreed upon.
  • Works carried out that do not include coatings will only be covered (guaranteed) for a period not exceeding 36 months.
  • Once all works are completed by “Visible Improvements” or tradesman on behalf of “Visible Improvements” any storm damage or leakage are not “Visible Improvements” responsibility.
  • For a total period of (10) ten years from the final completion date of work order “Visile Improvements” agrees to guarantee the client the following
    1. All new works carried out by “Visible Improvements” is guaranteed for ten years against leakage due to our defective workmanship.
    2. All repairs will be guaranteed against leakage due to our defective workmanship (guarantee may defer depending on conditions of work carried out), but the guarantee range from one to five years.
    3. Painting is guaranteed for ten years against peeling and can be claimed from the paint supplier.
    4. All work can be issued with guarantee certificate (only if requested by the client).
    5. Work to trusses is issued with Engineers Certificate on completion.
  • If a third party is required by “Visible Improvements” or client to finish or finalize the above work order, the client shall be responsible for any cost of such service or supply of goods. “Visible Improvements” does not accept any responsibility (or liability) for any delays of such goods or services by the third party.
  • The contract price is firm and all payment is due as per terms and conditions stipulated in the contract.
  • “Visible Improvements” is not under any obligations (legal or other) for any claims of any nature including any consequential damage or injury to any person also to any other entity in regards to promotions by virtue of this agreement.