Roof Painting

Whether it’s tiled or corrugated, painting your roof is a great way to add value to your home.
To get the job done properly and safely, it’s important to prepare thoroughly and use the right equipment.

Roof Painting Services

Before you start painting, you need to give your roof a clean. A high-pressure washer is the quickest way to clean corrugated roofs. You can also use a hose and scrub down with a broom. This is also the best way to clean a tiled roof but you should first use chemicals to remove any lichen from the tiles.

Check your roof for any broken or cracked tiles and replace them. To repair any damaged mortar around the ridge capping, remove the capping and apply new mortar and put the capping back in place. Make sure the mortar is dry before you paint.

To clean a corrugated roof, wash it with a degreaser. However, if your roof is unpainted or you have any unpainted replacement sheets, give it a coat of primer. Make sure this is dry before you paint.

Calculate the area of your roof and buy enough paint to apply two coats. Remember that darker colours absorb heat and lighter colours reflect it.

The best and quickest way to paint a tiled roof is with an airless spray gun, but you can also use a brush. Use water-based paint, but if your roof has lost most of its colour, apply a thick coating of sealer first.

Buy paint that is specifically designed for metal roofs because they adhere better and hold up against the elements. 

Like tiled roofs, airless spraying is the best and quickest way to paint, but you can also buy paint rollers shaped like corrugated iron. However, you will need a brush to paint the corners and ridge caps.


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