Our Johannesburg Roof Repair team consists of trained, highly skilled and dedicated roofing professionals, with extensive experience in providing a broad range of roofing and related services. Where additional work is necessary, we also have established relationships with expert service providers to carry out any relevant plumbing, electrical, brick and paving work that our clients might need.

Roof Construction Randburg

Roof Construction

We design and construct any roof structure, from domestic roofs to industrial and commercial roofs. Find out more about roof construction.

Roof Repair Johannesburg

Roofing Repairs

We carry out repairs of any kind to tile roofs, slate roofs, IBR roofs (Inverted Box Rib), concrete roofs, flat roofs and corrugated roofs among other domestic and industrial roofs. Find out more about roof repairs.

Roof tile repair

Roof Renovations

From roof painting and roof coating to chipped or broken tiles, barge boards and fascia boards, we renovate any roof to make it look as good as new, or better. Find out more about roof renovations.

Roof Waterproofing Sandton

Roof Waterproofing

We carry out all types of waterproofing from roofs to structures, including basements and decks. We offer “torch on” waterproofing and “membrane” waterproofing as required. Find out more about roof waterproofing.

Roof Insulation

We fit all types of roof insulation, from “sisalation” to bulk insulation and sound insulation. Find out more about roof insulation.

Ceiling Installation & Cornices

We work on the inside of your roof too. Our Roof Services include ceiling installation and repair, including plastered and moulded ceilings and cornices. Find out more about ceiling installation & cornices.