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Re-Roofing Services

The concept of reroofing is quite straightforward. Unlike the basic tasks of repairing or adding a roofing system to a newly built home, re-roofing involves the installation of a new roof, either on top of the old one or by tearing down the old roof and replacing it.

This task is simple enough to understand; however; it can be one of the most difficult roofing procedures actually to put into practice.

Based on a careful inspection and evaluation of your roofing needs, the re-roofing company you hire will provide you with a detailed plan on how to proceed. In most cases, this will involve stripping down large part or all of the elements that build up your current roof and replacing them with new materials and framing, or even a completely new roofing system with an entirely unique structure.

Many people don’t understand the importance and difficulty of all these steps and end up trying to cut costs on their re-roofing projects. However, the inability of hiring a knowledgeable roofing expert can lead to delays, enormous expenses, and sometimes even the entire job having to be redone completely.

Because of the economic issues homeowners have faced in the past few years, many of them have tried to avoid the expenses of calling professional roofing companies for roof replacements, attempting to use DIY techniques and guidelines found online to complete the projects themselves.

It’s appealing to avoid paying someone to replace your roof and enjoy the convenience of working on your home and getting the job done at your own pace. 

The disadvantages of DIY re-roofing can bring many unexpected problems, some of which can be quite serious:


One of the greatest concerns of replacing your roof is safety.
While the Internet may be filled with safety guidelines, they are no substitute for the proper use of professional equipment that skilled roofers employ for keeping their workers safe.


Due to lack of skill and long-term experience, DIY enthusiasts are most likely to make many mistakes that could end up leading to leaky roofs, insulation problems or serious damage that could translate into significant additional repair expenses.


An average DIY job could take weeks to complete, especially if you don’t have a simple strategy, or you run into problems down the line. In contrast with that, an efficient roofer will complete your roofing project within a few days.


Visible Improvements have taken on and finished many successful waterproofing and roofing jobs over the past 40 years. Our outstanding workmanship and immaculate attention to detail have given us an excellent reputation in the local roofing industry, enabling businesses and people to put their trust in us, no matter the size of the job.