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Roofing Services – Insulation

“Whether you’re hot or cold go green with gold”

At Visible Improvements, we don’t just do roofing. We also make sure that our customers get all necessary assistance that they’re looking for. We don’t want to leave you feeling the heat or cold. We offer you all kinds of roofing insulation.

Roof insulation serves many useful purposes in your home or business. Insulation not only helps you create an ideal comfort zone in your home or office because of its thermal properties, but it also forms a waterproof and dust proof barrier in your roof.

Save on electricity bills, or keep unwanted sounds out by installing efficient insulation, and reap the benefits.

Visible Improvements fits all types of insulation to roofs. One of the most popular types of insulation is sisalation, a double layer of foil insulation, with a layer of woven polypropylene in between the two foil layers that offers excellent heat insulation. We also install bulk insulation, usually fibre-glass, and sound insulation.

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