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Roofing Services – Repairs

With years of experience covering every possible type of roof, Visible Improvements offers roofing repairs to almost any kind of roof.

We carry repairs to Tile roofs, Slate roofs; Harvey tiles roofs, IBR roofs, Corrugated Iron roofs, Perspex roofs, Flat roofs, Concrete roofs, Waterproofing roofs, and Shingles roofs, all domestic and industrial roofing types.

We fix and repair or replace any roofs with chipped, broken, falling tiles, barge boards, facia boards etc.

We design, construct any new roof structure and also restore existing structures to original or better conditions.

We do alterations, additions to any existing structure of roof.

As part of a roof maintenance agreement, a professional roofing consultant can perform periodic inspections and recommend that minor problems be corrected before they become troublesome.

After inspection of roof a report of general roof condition is submitted to the owner after each inspection, with recommendations for immediate and future action needed.

Our work or remedial work to roof trusses is issued with Engineers and guarantee certificate.

Whether it’s the roof on your home that’s leaking, or your factory roof that needs new insulation, we repair your roof to make it as good as new.

To get a quote for roof repairs, or to speak to one of our consultants, simply fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you directly.